Financial participation


Victoria (Wrocław) +4869-804-42-45

Victor (Stockholm) +4676-413-96-61

For donations. Poland


IBAN: PL32 11602202 00000000 12322429

Bank: Bank Millennium S.A.

Account holder: Buddyjski Zwiazek

Address: ul. Ruska 47/48 A, 50-079 Wroclaw, Poland

Title: Donation for Siberian Stupas

For donations. Germany

The German account does not work.

Please do not use it!

Update: most of large donations from the German account were returned. If you still have a surplus and want to re-donate the money, please use our Polish bank or paypal accounts, they are working perfectly!

PayPal (euro)

PayPal (US dollar)

Russian bank details here

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