Stage 2: Designing the Stupas

In August 2015, Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche agreed to guide construction of the Stupas. First of all, types of Stupas had to be chosen. There are eight classical types of Stupas in the Tibetan tradition. Taking the decision on the type of a Stupa, lamas usually follow their intuition or address to the meaning of one or another type of a Stupa. Thus according to Rinpoche’s words, the Stupa of Complete Victory chosen to be built by Lake Baikal will help prolong life and activity of Lama Ole Nydahl and His Holiness Karmapa XVII Trinley Thaye Dorje. The Stupa of Enlightenment in Krasnoyarsk will benefit by removing all obstacles on the way to Enlightenment.

The next stage after choosing the type of a Stupa is designing its project.  It is done by an architect who is consulted by lamas and guided by established canons. The Siberian Stupas are designed by the famous Buddhist architect Wojtek Kossowski who designed more than 25 Stupas in Europe and America. The Stupas in Krasnoyarsk and on Lake Baikal will be made of granite, each of them 7 meters high.

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