Stage 4: Assembling of Stupas

Assembling of a Stupa starts from installing its main parts. During this process, mandalas, mantra rolls, tsa-tsas and other prepared elements are put inside. Each stage of Stupa construction is consecrated by a Buddhist master by means of special rituals.

After assembling, a tree trunk called the Life Tree is put into a steel tube in the centre of the Stupa.

A tree for the Stupa is chosen by a lama according to the traditional instructions. Thus the Life Tree for the Stupa in Krasnoyarsk was cut by Lama Ole Nydahl.  It travelled all the way from the Bavarian Alps in the South of Germany to the Eastern Sayany crossing several state borders. It was delivered to Krasnoyarsk in December 2014.

After installing the Life Tree, upper gilded parts are set: thirteen rings, an umbrella, the sun, the moon and a jewel.

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