lake Baikal

Ceremony of laying the tsa-tsas in the Stupa of Enlightenment

On June 17, after three days of preparatory pujas, tsa-tsas were laid in the Stupa of Enlightenment.

Everyone admired their perfect forms and colors! A lot of joy and happiness!



Construction of Buddhist stupas in Krasnoyarsk and on Lake Baikal

Two Stupas will be built in Siberia in summer 2017:
Stupa of Enlightenment in Krasnoyarsk;
Stupa of Complete Victory on Lake Baikal.

Buddhist Stupas are architectural monuments which symbolize Enlightenment, the state of mind’s full development. They help preserve peace and harmony in the world.

Stupas will be inaugurated by Maniwa Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, a lama of the Karma Kagyu tradition.

I want to participate!

15 August 2017